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The Design Process: Consultation Phase

Step 1: Design Consultation

1The Design Consultation initially starts with a phone interview to discuss the clients goals, budget, and design vision. The designer and client may view the site online via google earth as well as look at images of potential site elements, likes and dislikes. The designer will give the potential client a basic overview of the services Studio H offers as well as an initial estimate of design fees. A free on-site consultation will then be arranged. At this time the designer will note site conditions, constraints and opportunities, future design objectives and goals, functional requirements, and go into further detail about construction costs and budgets.

Step 2: Design Proposal

2After the on-site consultation has been completed Studio H will prepare a Design Proposal for your review. The proposal will outline the services to be rendered in three phases. Phase I: Conceptual Design, Phase II: Construction Documentation, and Phase III: Construction Administration. The proposal will indicate the deliverables and their associated costs, as well as optional services, duration of services, and billing information. An initial retainer fee is required to commence design services and invoicing is based on a percentage complete for each phase.

The Design Process: Design Phase

Step 3: Conceptual Design


The first phase of the design process. The Landscape Architect will use the information gathered during the Initial Design Consultation to locate the sites major design elements, paving, and planting areas. The Designer will be considering many factors during the process of design including, solar direction, prevailing winds, audio and visual sound buffering, enhancing existing views, maximizing the Client’s budget, working within HOA, local and state requirements and more. The completed Conceptual Plan is not intended for construction but rather to allow the Client to visualize the direction, style and overall feel for their site.

Step 4: Design Development


The second phase in the design process following the Conceptual Design. In this phase the Conceptual Plan is taken from a concept to a hard lined drawing to an exact scale. This is the start of the plans which will be later used for construction installation. Many of the building materials are further specified and often the Landscape Architect will present the Client with images, websites and samples to review. Site Elevations and Sections are used to further examine the scale, height and perspectives. These renderings will often be used as a visual aid while presenting design ideas to the Client.

The Design Process: Construction Phase

Step 5: Construction Documentation


The third phase of the design process in which the working drawings, specifications, and bidding documents are prepared. The Site Elevations and Sections are further refined into individual details which will be used as the documentation on-site for construction. It is in this phase that the Construction Details and Specifications, Irrigation Plans, Finish Material Schedule and Grading & Drainage Plans are completed. This set will then be used for contractor bidding purposes. Detailed and accurate plans allow for thorough accurate bidding with less future change orders during construction.

Step 6: Construction Administration


An experienced project manager will make periodic site visits, at the request of the Client, during the construction phase to ensure the design intent and highest construction standards are being met. During the site visits the Designer will answer any questions the Client may have and note any current items or issues which may need to be addressed. At the completion of the project a “Punch List” will be prepared, which will be used by the Client and Contractor to ensure all items and corrections have been met and completed. These services are billed on a per visit basis and will vary dependent on property location.